Friday 20 May 2016

New blogging site

The blog that I had on the TeamB site is not functional anymore. I guess that is because it was still hosted by Borland, as far as I know. My blog pages were moved to the new Embarcadero Community site, but all comments were lost (sorry folks, but I had nothing to do with this), my user name is listed as "Rudy Velthuis Velthuis (TeamB)" and there seems to be nothing I can do to change this. And a search for "Rudy" or "Velthuis" on the Bloggers page doesn't find it either, or well, it says it found one instance, but it doesn't show it.

But what is worse, I can't write, edit or administer the posts there. That is why I decided to reactivate this blog site, which I had reserved ages ago. I have complete control over what I post here. I managed to copy most posts from the Community site over, and updated the formatting where that was necessary.

So please, if you had any links to my old blog, please update them to point to this site. The old URL will redirect to the Community site, but I will probably not be using that anymore. I hope that it will be picked up by DelphiFeeds and similar sites soon, because I intend to write regular blog posts again.


I was told that the glitches and problems with the moved blogs on the Community server are going to be solved, and that the site will be made faster as well. They'll even try to re-install the comments. If that is the case, I will move back to the Community site again. Hang on.