Saturday 2 February 2019

Just a short thanks.

I personally still prefer Usenet-like NNTP newsgroups and a newsreader like XanaNews, Forté Agent, Gravity or even Mozilla Thunderbird over any web-based forums.

But since we don't have those anymore, I would like to thank the fine people at They have done an excellent job replacing the various Google+ as well as the old Embarcadero forums. They have created a well balanced set of groups to discuss things pertaining Delphi and C++Builder.

Sure, there is the new Idera Community, the official replacement for the Embarcadero forums, but I think the forums have a, je ne sais quoi, different "feel" to it.

Note that both platforms require you to sign up. I am pretty sure that helps (a little) keeping away the spam and other unwanted input.

If you haven't, go and visit the place. It is a good one. (Also visit the Idera forums, and see which you prefer. I regularly visit both.)

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